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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Catching Up

Since December 2013, I have more or less taught two 30 minute Zentangle classes a week. In that time, I have watching some of my residents make huge leaps in their ability to be patient and more accepting of "making mistakes" (even though I hold that there are no true mistakes in tangling). I wish I could take pictures of their tangles but I don't feel it would ethically responsible to do so. I feel artwork can be just as private as a journal entry so posting it to this forum without their permission would be not so good.

My most recent story of teaching zentangling was with a resident at my facility who had been cutting to deal with emotional pain. I had a limited amount of sessions with him so I decided to teach him about zentangling for something to do to focus his thoughts. He took to it pretty well and his primary therapist let me know he is still doing it in his free time.  I am in no way saying that zentangling will alone "cure" self-harming tendencies. I just believe art is a great way to work through emotional pain and can be used in combination with more traditional forms of therapy. Below are the tangles I created while working with the resident. Now they are taped on the wall of my office.

This is a tile I created to use as an example for one of my classes:

I struggle with some of my groups because the groups are not voluntary for the young ladies that I have been teaching. Therefore I end up managing behaviors sometimes more that teaching. While I have seen success in helping some residents silence their inner critic, I want to develop a better strategy to teaching the zen part of tangling. If you are reading an have suggestions, my ears (or eyes) are open. 

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