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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Drawing and Journaling

Someday I may go back to school to become an art therapist. I have no background in formal training which is necessary to be accepted into a program. This summer I signed up for an intro drawing class at the local community college.
Still life for night one
Drawing from night one
A quick sketch from a different angle during night one after finishing my piece early

Practice between night one and two
Night 2 Still life: Crumpled paper bag. Much more difficult than the boxes. My instructor said this is one of the more difficult projects of the class. Logically it doesn't make sense to me that it would be the second class.

Night 2 Project. If I was not practiced in zentangling, this class would stress me the heck out. The pre-zentangling version of myself would have become incredibly frustrated with this class. As it is, I used a good amount of positive self-talk to relax and not be critical with overall success. 

My drawing instructor heavily suggested we start an art journal by offering extra credit. I already had an art journal but the instructor told us to buy a 9x12 size. I decided the collage the cover similarly to how I created the cover for my work planner.
I have been reading The Art Therapy Sourcebook and now recognize I tend to create more often when bored, lonely, or depressed. Last time Jason was deployed I should have bought stock in Michael's so I could make some of my money back. Then, I created quite a few crocheted blankets and two t-shirt quilts. Now that my interest have turned from crafty to artistic, my journal pages more often occur while my husband is underway, on duty, or deployed. Today a plan with a friend fell through and my art journal benefited. 

Art Journal Page: Melted wax creation

Art Journal Page: Created a photo collage. I had no plan on doing this but I found the pictures and went with my gut. The "deployment" will (hopefully) only be two months but while I'm in it, it feels like a long time. 

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