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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Making a New Work Planner

At my job I more or less have be to completely self-reliant in managing my day to day schedule. I have to write everything down because I am paranoid that I will forget a meeting or to see a residents for the allotted number of times. When I started I used a pad of paper to write by to-do list but quickly became disenchanted. After some serious comparison shopping at office supply stores I gave up on finding something better. 

When I broke my ankle last February I had lot of off time from work. During that time I decided to create by own planner. I designed some pages using Microsoft Word which would meet my needs. For the original cover, I collaged magazine pieces and then had them laminated with the harder type. I had the planner spiral bond at Office Max. It worked wonderfully. 

Below is the second generation of my planner. In my first generation, I used the backing that is provided by store but it ripped off. The only major change between the first and second generation is that the second is a laminated pieces on front and back. I used to get a lot of quilt magazines which is where I found the pictures to collage. This planner lasted me from December 2013 to mid May 2014. It held up well. 

Since the above planner is now full, I started creating the cover and backing this weekend. Below are the steps I took in the past two days. 

First I selected and ripped out pages from my art journal. I have a spiral bound notebook designed for mixed media that I create in sometimes. Recently I've experimented a lot with watercolor. 

Second, my husband helped me rip the journal pages into smaller pieces.

Next, I mod podged the pieces together on a heavy pieces of printer paper. 

The next day when the glue dried, I used black acrylic paint along the edges of each collage piece.

My most recent step was using an exacto knife to clean up the edges.

Tomorrow I plan to take two the of pieces to Office Max to get them laminated. I am happy with how they turned out. I was a little scared before I added the paint. I got the idea for the art therapist at my work. I had seen her use the technique on a couple different things and wanted to try it for myself. 

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