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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Teaching Zendalas

I have to adjust how I teach at work compared to how I would teach as a private instructor. I ran out of tiles for a couple weeks and experimented with a few alternative sessions.

One week I instructed using colored markers and white paper. The girls had a hard time focusing on it. I except too many choices led to wakening from their focus. It didn't help that I forgot to make copies of the tangle sampler paper I created in March. Note to self to take a picture and post. I noticed the girls had a lot of anxiety regarding trying to remember the tangles I had taught. The sampler sheet cut down on it A TON. After learning that lesson, I made a ton of copies of the sampler page and pass out a copy for everyone every week since they tend to lose things.

This and last week I introduced the ladies to zendalas. As an alternative to the type created by Rick and Maria (zentangle.com), I printed out mandalas from printmandala.com and encouraged the girls to consider them to be the strings. Since the mandalas are much larger than the traditional zendalas, we have worked on the same mandala for two sessions in a row. None of the girls have finished but I see that as a good thing. Recently I have been focused on encouraging my groups to draw slower and try to appreciate the process.

Below is an example I created for my groups. I have different mandala that I plan working on next week to show the ladies an example of negative space.

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