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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Drawing: Week 3

Week three of drawing class included learning ellipses, using charcoal, and more practice in using value. 

On the first night of the week, we had two subjects which stressed me out a tad, worrying about finishing them both. I was told that I "colored" more then I shaded due to my haste.

The second subject of the evening. 

I think this is my favorite so far. 

Night two of the week. I dislike greatly the glass bottle on the far right. 

The subject of night two of the week. My camera phone does not capture the value the same way by eye sees it. I seem to draw significantly faster than my peers in the class. I finished this with an hour left of class and most didn't even finish. It concerns me but when I talked to my instructor about it, she did not seem to mind.

Partway through the work. 

Finished night two. I felt like I could have done more but my instructor advised that I stop. 

Art journaling in class after finishing my work. 
I have to go to Jerry's Artarama tomorrow to buy Canson gray paper. I forgot to last weekend but thankfully I got in good with one of my peers in the class and she lent me one of her's. I am still not clear how gray paper helps learn value more than white paper.

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