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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drawing Classes

At this point, I have three more weeks left of my ten week class. I have a whole new respect for people who go to school while working full time. I am just taking this one class and even though I am enjoying it, I want to have two evenings a night back. 
I feel torn though I want to push myself to at least get the 18 credits of studio art classes so when I can, I can work on a second Masters in Art Therapy. At the same time, I feel stretched thin working in residential 50-60 hours a week and taking one class with my husband being deployed. I have a hard time imagining working, going back to school for another Master, and balancing my marriage not to mention a near future potential child. I hear of other women who are these super people accomplishing crazy amounts of things and feel shame that I doubt in myself to accomplish things in the same way. 
I am not a work-a-holic. I love my job and what I do but it is not what live for. I work to have fun and pay for the lifestyle I enjoy. When I was working on my first Masters, I only worked a few days a week substitute teaching. Now that I am bringing in my own paycheck and gotten used to that additional income, I am going to have a hard time in the future deciding what may be best for my family as well as myself. 

In this class we had the option of drawing the bottle clear or opaque. I decided to improve upon drawing opaque from the prior class. 
Transferring my sketch to Canson paper
Transferred to Canson paper. This is my favorite piece I've done so far. 
I love my eyes! To see more up-to-date pictures, follow me on Instagram!
This skull became the bane of my existence for the evening. 
My skull. At least it looks like a skull and can't be confused with a boat of something. 
My drawing subject
Tiki-eske mask. I'm trying to focus at getting better with my tone, making it look smoother. 

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