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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tangle Bomber in the Making?

Today I will send away my very first granny squares to yarnbomber.com. If you have not seen his work, it is awesome. The yarn is mainly left over from my basket project. I was considering mixing the yarns but my inspiration fizzled.
I'll be keeping the circles for myself. 
Yarnbomber has extremely ambitious crocheting projects. It's great that he allows others to become a part of his work. While my contribution is a small one, I'll be looking for it in his next installation.  I found out about the project one day while exploring instagram (@cztschladt). I created an account while at the Zentangle conference in October 2013 at the insistence of my roommate. I love it as a medium for people to share their stories, in particular there artwork. I found one person that leaves small crochet project for others to find which of course reminded me of a "random act of zentangle". 

This thought was percolating in my brain. I brought a rock back from one of my workout sessions with my husband on the neighborhood equipment. 

I haven't been tangling much lately but I felt inspired by this rock. I love tangling on everyday objects. 

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I think my new long term project is to tangle small everyday objects. I will continue to stash them away until I feel I have an acceptable number and then release them into the world. A tangle bomb would be a "random act of zentangle" or "zentangle inspired artwork" explosion. With my work I will probably add a mixture of words of phrases to the backs. While I would like to have more followers, I would rather open more people up into the world of artwork then promote myself. 

Below are a few pieces that I created right after the zentangle conference last year and have since given away. 
This one my mother kept

I almost regret giving this one away I love it so much. I best gifts are the ones you want to keep for yourself.  I left it on a jewelry counter in a Macys. 

This one I left on the table of a restaurant. 

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