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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Solution for Pre-Yarn

This week I attempted to crochet with the preyarn. It was not a success. Even when attempting to be delicate, the pre-yarn would break. After try to push through, the resulting trial piece ended by looking pretty tortured. I decided that line of thought was not worth pursing further. 

During a study break/procrastination, I looked through pinterest and found this. Before this week I had never heard of felting before. I found a couple instructional website, one being this one. 

 I decided to try wet felting first because I didn't need to buy any additional materials. Before are my suggestions if you are interested in wet felting. 

First a separated by pre-yarn into piles based on color. 

Turner decided he likes pre-yarn the way it is. 

For wet felting, take a chuck of wool about twice as large as you want the bead. 

Soak the wool in a mixture of hot water and dish soap. Before picking the wool up out of the water, place a small amount of Dawn in your hand. I used by kettle to prepare the water and Dawn soap. 
You will be using a good of amount of soap so pick one that is friendly to your hands. 

VERY gently move the wool mass around in your hand. You are waiting for the wool fibers to attach to each other aka felt. You do not want to add pressure too early. If you can still see or feel divisions or cracks, you are not ready to add pressure. 

Starting to add pressure in the rolling. 

After some more rolling. Notice the ball continues to shrink. 

Done. Now I have a felted ball. You will know it is done when you can put it back in the water and does not absorb the water back up like a sponge. 

A few completed felted balls. 

This is an example of adding pressure before the wool was fully felted. I opened up the crack a little for the picture. From far away it is not too noticeable. I'm concerned that once glued on a wreath it may not hold as well.  

One late morning/early afternoon I dedicated to felting and listening to my study material.

 I went to Michael's and bought a few dry felting needles but I haven't experimented with them much yet. Coincidentally at the craft show I went to this past weekend, there were a couple stands that were selling needle felting kits.

I bought this little number at the craft show as well. He is called a Horrible Adorable.. I may buy another larger one in the future. 

Also this week I finished by afghan. I think it turned out great.

My new/old project is continuing to work on my husband's Christmas stocking. I started it mid-2011 and I have a ways to go still.

Progress made while watching Texas A&M football. BTHO Arkansas!

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  1. I got a felting kit last year for Christmas. I always thought it sounded like fun, but I haven't used it yet. I have some raw alpaca wool that I got at a festival in Madisonville last year too. I like your ideas.