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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Experimenting with Stitches and Scarfs

After accomplishing several project with granny squares large and small I decided to start experimenting with stitches that I had not tried before. My crochet knowledge is basic but I have learned a lot in the past few weeks from some helpful blogs. Eventually I will want to learn how to read crochet directions but right now I'm getting by without it. I'm enjoying the mindless stitches that don't require counting after the first row. 

Websites I found helpful this week:

I have found a pattern in my creative pursuits. When I am home for an extended period of time, I tend to engage in crocheting or quilting projects. A few summers ago when I was still in school but taking a lighter load, I crocheted my first baby blankets. Last year when I broke my ankle, I quilted two t-shirt blankets and my first first non t-shirt crib quilt. This summer during vacation I made several crocheted baskets. Now that I've been out of work for a month an a half I've created my first granny square crochet blanket, two crocheted baby blankets, and three scarfs. Outside of those times, I can not think of at this time any other long term project that I have undergone. In between this larger projects, I have done other creative things such as the drawing class , working in my art journal, or zentangling. I don't have a background in Art Therapy (yet) but think I am trying to replace the fulfillment I get from work through the larger projects. 

I played with the v-stitch for the first time and found this yarn extremely difficult to work. I crocheted five rows before stopping. This scrap will be probably stored until yarn bomber asks for my contributions. 
Throwback: This is the project which the picture above's yarn is from. I don't remember the yarn being nearly as difficult back then. 
My first experiment with a granny stripe. After doing so many granny squares this was easy. 

I did not get very far before running out of yarn. I love this yarn. I do not remember what is is called but I know it is designed for baby projects. It reminds me of t-shirt yarn but not quite. I hope to eventually find it again to finish it off. 

Throwback: This is the project that the previous two pictures' yarn is from. 
My first scarf. I ran out of yarn so it did not turn out a long as I wanted. I brought another skein today and plan on returning to it this week. I'd like it to be longer and wider. 

This is by far my favorite project of the week. These colors are left over from my granny square blanket and I LOVE the combination. I planned on giving this one away before I fell in love with it and and going to make another one to keep for myself soon. 

After watching my finish by v-stitch scarf, my mother took by to Michael's and brought several projects worth of yarn for me to make for her. I finished this granny stripe one yesterday.

One day after a morning of anxiety and disappoint I felt compelled to work in my art journal. 

Below are several screenshots of things I saw during the week that I found inspiring:

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