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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tangles and Rainbows

My background check at Michael's came back and I start tomorrow! Hopefully this puts out good energy into the universe and I'll get some calls for interviews for counseling jobs soon.......

This week I mostly worked on the rainbow blanket below. I wanted to try out a granny stripe pattern like the ones I've seen all over the place. I wanted to try something slightly different. Each time I finish one rainbow pattern, I turn the blanket and have the next pattern start going in a different direction. I'm not sure if I like it yet but it is at least interesting. It is currently the size of a small rug. I took a pause on the crocheting to weave in the ends. Weaving in ends is boring and made my fingers hurt. I crave to just try a knot and be done with it. I will not do that however because that is what I did with the granny square blanket and after washing it, several of the squares became undone. Live and learn. 

I continued to work on my zentangle pumpkin. I'm really liking the use of the silver sharpie. Michael's is getting rid of all their Fall decorations. Sunday everything was 70% off. I bought three more pumpkins this size for less than the most of one full price pumpkin. I have not decided what I want to do with them yet. Maybe zentangle them as well. It just takes a long time to do one pumpkin. 

For a while I had paint at work for my residents to use. It became too much of a hassle because I did not have a good set up in my office. A bunch of my paint it stored in plastic jewelry cups that if the lid is not tight, air is allowed it. Shocker, teenagers are not the best at making sure the cups are snapped all the way. It was interesting to play with mostly dried out paint. The dark and light purples were dried out into a putty type consistency which I rubbed onto the paper. The magenta color was normal consistency for acrylic paint. 

To get in the Halloween spirit, I will zentangle this mask this week.  

These are the masks I zentangled last year. 

I taught a friend's daughter how to zentangle last year. She tangled the below images for me this past weekend. I bought small frames from Michael's and used black scrapbook paper as a background. More art for my future office. 

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