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Monday, October 6, 2014

The Power of Distractions

For the majority of last week I worked on my husband's Christmas stocking. My fingers hurt a little by the end of the week from holding the needle. I love the results of cross stitching but my creative juices don't get following when working on these type of projects. I have found that a major positive effect cross stitching has is to quiet by brain. I have been spending a lot of time at home lately and I am not happy about it. While I have spent a good amount of time studying and applying for jobs, I can only do that so many hours in a day. The rest of the time cross stitching has helped as a distraction. I don't have to look at a clock and make sure I finish by a particular time. All I have to do is look at the pattern and make my needle move in and out. Anything to help take my mind off of my email rejections and lack of phone calls is a welcome distraction. 

The majority of the work was done in the top left corner.
I finished adding all the tiny Xs this week. Now I'm going back and adding the outlines. I believe it will help to give the cats more personality. 
This week I reorganized my yarns so they would all be in the same place. After looking at it all I determined that I have a lot of baby blanket colored yarn.

Last week I read an article (found with this link) about a journalist  having a horrible time finding age appropriate clothing for her pre-kindergartner. She searched multiple stores for clothing which shorts would be an appropriate length. So naturally I started another crocheted baby blanket, completely ignoring my plan to focus solely on the stocking.
 How my mind works: 
Step 1: I was appalled that some store think it would be appropriate for children to have shorts with an inseam of an inch. 
Step 2: I thought about what clothes I looked for when I was a kid. 
Step 3: I thought with dread about finding appropriate clothing for my future children. 
Step 4: I thought about a friend whose wife is pregnant. 
Step 5: I thought about making something else for my friend and remembered I had an upcoming car trip.
Step 6: Played with my yarn enough in my head that I had to play with it in real life.  
I ended up only making one small square. The pink isn't bright enough for my to make it interesting enough to carry forward. 

I wanted the project to be quick so decided to use three yarns at the same time again. This time I wanted to make a rectangle instead of a giant square so I read up some about granny stripes from here. This didn't work out like I planned because I used a significantly smaller crochet hook. It started out pretty stiff because of the density. 
I spent my car time well with this project and some Battlestar Galactica. I have seen the whole series but I'm trying slowly to get my husband more used to science fiction show. BSG is a good place to start since it focuses so much on the military and political maneuvering.  
Again I'm not in love with the color but I'm not making it for myself so I think it will be ok. I'm going to keep going until I run out of the white yarn with the blue and green accents, which won't be much longer. 
I'm looking forward to buying fabric softener before gifting this completed projects to their receivers. I'm not loving how they feel at the moment. 
I am going to start posting pictures of screen shots I take with my phone of pieces that I feel inspired by hence the following pictures. 

For purchasing home decor, my standards have become higher in recent years as I have gained more experience in crafting. I all too often have the thought, "I could make that".
This was at Home Goods. I love the store for some things but it is dangerous to my wallet. Not necessarily because I buy their products, but because it makes me want to go to Michael's to get the supplies to make this myself. 

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