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Monday, November 10, 2014

Projects on Hold

I realized that since my drawing class this past summer I have not drawn much besides zentangling. I plan on taking Drawing II from the local community college in the Spring. I don't want to be rusty so I am going to make the effort to at least sketch more often. My drawing instructor suggested selecting objects around the house to practice on and I picked my Horrible Adorable "Walter". Drawing is not my favorite thing but I understand that basic drawing ability is the basis for paining, watercolor, etc so I would like to improve. 

As I have shared I have struggled to find work in my profession (counseling) and have recently taken a seasonal cashier position with Michaels. I am constantly surprised by how much Christmas decorations people are buying. I understand buying crafting supplies for Christmas but decorations?  

I changed up my name tag with some tangles. After meeting a few customers who were interested in zentangle, I now take my CZT business cards to work. 
Last post I shared the zentangled masks I made for Halloween last year. This year I made another though I did not finish it until today unfortunately. It did not turn out as tribal looking as the other two. I didn't like it at first but it is growing on me. 

In progress

Completed project
 I wore my red mask before and wore all black to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. I knew I wouldn't necessarily scare anyone but I creeped out some kids out by staying completely silent. I of course made exceptions for the tiny children who did appear frightened. 

My Halloween art journal entry

I am still working on the rainbow granny stripe blanket. I made up the design and I think I like how it is turning out. I keep going back and forth between like and dislike. Either way I have gone too far to stop. I believe I need to go 2-3 more times around for it to be a decent lap blanket. 

I was originally going to make blankets as Christmas presents but based on how long this is taking that does not seem feasible. I think I am going to make scarfs instead. I saw a customer yesterday with a beautiful mono-color v-stitch scarf that I feel inspired to emulate. 

This is another current work in progress that will have to go on hold for Christmas gifts. I LOVE this Isaac Mizrahi yarn and knew I need to be engulfed in the form of a blanket. Unfortunately I don't think my original idea for a giant granny square is going to work out. I don't like how the colors are pooling in certain places and it is taking a lot of yarn. Now I am transitioning to making small granny squares and then finding a border color to merry them together. This type of yarn does not come in a solid color which I think is necessary to get the colors to pop. 

Leaving you today with a black tile zentangle. The Sakura white gelly roll pens roll out a lot different than the microns.

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