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Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Gifts: Alcohol Ink

My blog hiatus is due to the fact that I created the majority of the gifts this year and did not want to spoil any surprises. Christmas has usually been a crafty time for me. For several years I have crafted a different ornament for the Christmas season. I have made wire star ornaments, quilled snowflakes, and cross stitched. Some day I will make another batch of the wire ornaments and quilled ones.

Instead of one long blog post, I will break up my posts for each project. This post contains my alcohol ink experiments. I found out about alcohol ink from an old pinterest pin. If you are interested in using alcohol ink for yourself, I would check out the following links. 

After reading and watching the links I purchased following supplies from Michaels:
  • Small glass bowls
    • Prices can start as low as $1. I bought two different sizes. I looked at the dollar store but I didn't find anything I liked. If you are feeling uncertain, get a couple at the dollar store first and practice on those. 
  • Alcohol Ink
    • My Michaels sells them in three packs for $10 each. I purchased two packs.
  • An ink blending tool
    • Not essential, but it makes it easier to distribute the color more easily if you decide to go with the stamping method 
    • Instead of buying extra stamping pads, go to the felt section, buy white, and cut small pieces at home for yourself. You'll save more the $5 and it will work just the same. 
  • Alcohol Blending Solution
    • Again not essential. The blogs I read stated I could also use distilled alcohol from the medical isle in pharmacy section of a grocery store.  
  • Krylon spray
    • You can find this in the spray pain section. I bought a matte finish and was disappointed with the results. If I do this project again, I will purchase a glossy finish. 
    • Alcohol ink will wash off, hence why the spray is important to protect the surface and maintain the color. 
  • Latex Gloves
    • If you don't cover your hands, you will stain your skin. I accidentally got a small amount on my arm and it took a day to get it off. 
  • Wax Paper and Cardboard
    • Since I worked on my dining room table, I wanted to make sure I kept the surface safe. I put the wax paper down first and then the cardboard on top. 
If you take on this project, my best suggestion is to just play. If you want to stain a large piece, practice on some small pieces first. Watch the videos I posted and then search for a few of your own. I decided to go with a stamping method instead of some of the others out there. 

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