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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Christmas Gifts: Cross stitching

I learned how to cross stitch fairly young. I was inspired by my Mother who has cross stitched Christmas stocking for my brother and I. Aside from my AMAZING Christmas stocking, I got turned off from cross stitching due to its high correlation with a country, crafty vibe.

Luckily enough for me, the evolution of geek culture has made its way into the cross stitching world. Below are the pieces I created for my siblings. After the stitching was done, I framed each piece. If you are interested in replicating my cross stitch pieces, check out my pintest page. If you are interested in how to frame cross stitched pieces, check out this link. 

This one's framing did not turn out as nice as the others. Note to self, when framing cross stitch do not buy the type of frame that stuff has to pop into. 

Unexpectedly, the Calvin and Hobbes pieces turned out to be my favorite. On my future to-do list is to make a pair for myself. 

Cross stitch can be cool! Now only if I can finish my husband's Christmas stocking which I started about three years ago....

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